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Episode 0015: Guests! Part 1 of 2!

This is Dustin Calhoun, and welcome to an episode with a couple of different firsts for this podcast! First, I was a guest co-host for Episode 92 of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, in which host Kelley and I discussed dating apps and our experiences with them, flipped some tables about privilege and progressive ideological purity, and played a dinner party game about dinner parties. I’ll put a link in the show notes, for sure, but after this be sure to head on over to to find Episode 92 and 91 other equally great episodes – in one of which I’m a pseudonymous correspondent sending letters from afar! Oooooooo!

Now, for the other big first for our podcast: this episode is the first time Chuck and I are joined by guests! Our good friends Peregrine Moore Rumpole and Jizelle were kind enough to join us this episode for a conversation on the most magnificent cock each of us has seen. We also of course make some inappropriate pop culture references and drink some drinks. This episode is actually so magnificently gargantuan it’s two episodes: this is the first half, and I’ll release the second half next week.

As I note at the start of the episode, I’m doing what I would call minimal editing of this episode. Let us know if that’s okay or if it sounds too unprofessional. You can find us on Twitter at @talesovertails or email us at You can also leave us a message or send us a text at 415.545.8198.

Now, welcome Jizelle and Peregrine to the microphones, and remember: be safe, but have fun.

Episode 92 of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek:

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