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Episode 0016: “It’s like that Scene in THE SHINING…” – Jiz and Peregrine – Part 2/2

Welcome back to our first-ever guest episode, with friends Peregrine Moore Rumpole and Jizelle! Last time we heard Peregrine’s and Jizelle’s stories of the most magnificent cocks they’ve ever seen. This week, the stories are Chuck’s and mine. Chuck tells the story of the most caring top he’s ever met, and I tell the story of a threesome gone shockingly right.

There’s actually a huge section from the middle of this episode we’ve removed. It was as long as fully half of the episode you’re about to hear, and it’s all about the science, medicine, and art of bottoming. I’ve kept the audio, because this is a topic Chuck and I both want to revisit. We may release this later as a stand-alone episode, or we may revisit the topic ourselves.

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Oh – and as a sneak peak at a future discussion, the date I anticipated in this episode went really, really well.

This episode’s music is “Denied” by Admiral Bob, with full attribution in the show notes. And remember, like we always say: be safe, but have fun.

Music: Denied by Admiral Bob (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Alex, Steven M Bryant,Barry Morgan,Robert Siekawitch,Mike Boone